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“O you who believe, fear Allah the way he ought to be feared and do not die except as Muslims” (Q3:103). Now, how do you stay alive even after death so that... Read More

Are you forgetful?

That's just your brain erasing useless memories   The purpose of memory might not be to record everything Most of us think “perfect” memory means... Read More

Child Development

Our concern as parents and teachers is to assist the child to develop the appropriate personality. This implies that we must not only know what we want the child to... Read More

Children with Learning Difficulties

  Causes of Learning Problems in Children Some children are unable to learn as much as others due to a number of factors including the following: 1. Physical... Read More

Combat Insults with Sweet Silence

How many times has it happened that somebody has verbally insulted you and in the heat of the moment, you have taken it up as a challenge to produce bigger verbal... Read More

Construction Education Toys

Best option for the promotion of both convergent and divergent thinking process.For simultaneous setting of the platform for creativity of both convergent and divergent... Read More

Convergent thinking

Ability to decide things having only one predefined answer by learning the facts and guidelines to move upon for reaching to that answer! This is to develop fundamentals... Read More

Determining the Right Way

All the Praises are for Allah and Salutation is for the Messenger and his family and all those that follow him doing good works until the Day of... Read More

Discipline Improvement within the School

To start with, What is Discipline?    Discipline is regarded as inner consciousness of every human being which enables him/her to behave well and have... Read More

Divergent Thinking

This defines the way of thinking in the sense of exploring more than one possible answer, creating newer conceptions and solving conceptualized problems. This is... Read More

Does Reading Take Care of Depression?

Resorting to reading books alone could actually drive you farther away from reality and deepen your depression. Too much reading detaches one away from everyday life.... Read More

Emerging Integrated Education: Al-Medinah International College

So far so good; from the onset of Islamic reign through the caliphate period to the present state of Muslims locally and internationally, knowledge had never been taken... Read More

Female Circumcision: Islamic View

Female circumcision is among the primordial human nature that was ordered by Allah on us. It's authenticity can be gotten from what was brought by Abu Hurairah (may... Read More

Fulfilling Promises

Adorn yourself with fulfillment of a promise Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings  belong  to prophet Muhammad, after  that ,it is known  that... Read More


PATHWAY TO SUCCESS  The advanced learners dictionary defines decision as the abilty to decide and act according, if you confront me personally anywhere and ask me... Read More

Greeting In Islam…

“And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet in return with what is better than it or (at least) return it equally.” (Qur'an, An-Nisaa... Read More

Home Falling Apart by Social Media

Though, social media as world-wide online connection that is widely accepted by the young and old in the universe to promote economic, social and political ideas of the... Read More

How to Help Kids Talk about Learning Disabilities

“I learn differently.” Three small words that can make a world of difference for kids like me who grew up struggling with learning issues.   Sounds... Read More

I Shall Not Relax

I shall not relax because I have lots of things to do. I have set goals to be achieve I do not want to be lazy I am determined to be on top I must study to pass my... Read More

Is Poverty Genetic?

It is a common occurrence in the society to see poor person comes from a poor family and rich individual from wealthy family especially in the countries where resources... Read More

Memory Failure, Enhancement and Optimization among Adults

focus scientists. Over time, memory has often being defined and restricted to one-dimensional aspect of learning ''Recalling'', meanwhile, focuses on attending,... Read More


Motivation result from interaction of conscious factors such as the Intensity of desire or need Incentives or reward value of the goal Expectation of the individual... Read More

Muslim Youths and Nigerian Society: The Role of Integrated Education System

Nigerian Muslim youths comprise the economically active segment of the population using the population distribution indices, who are adherents of the Islamic faith in... Read More

Nature and Soul: One is seal, one is print

Nature is immensely inspiring and incredibly beautiful, those who spend time in its embrace will benefit from it tremendously. Travelling around Nigeria for me is... Read More

One way

The saying of Allah further emphasises that there is only one way. He said: Whoever opposes the messenger after the guidance has been clearly shown to him, and follows... Read More


  Everyone knows the key of life to this generation of ours but some people still misquote this fact that it is not nothing. But the educationists say ii now and... Read More

Remedy for Fighting Procrastination

Procrastination is the avoidance of a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable ones, or carrying out fewer things in place of... Read More


The road to success is never straight or easy, On this path is a curve called failure, Some bumps called friends, Red light called enemies and, Caution signs called... Read More


No matter the natue of you problem, not minding the degree of you misfortune, do no lose hope. Never submit to your frustration, human being has to undergo... Read More

The Patient Old Man

When passing through a mountain; a Bedouin once came across an old man who was blind and who seemed to be afflicted with various ailments all over his body. It was clear... Read More


Tade is the first son in the family of Uzos. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Uzo. His dad's full name is Usman Uzo while his mother bears Tobi Uzo in full. Tade is a lazy... Read More

Ways of choosing true learning educational Toys for your kids

What will be your criteria to decide whether you are choosing a good educational toy after seeing one? Educational videos, software, chemistry kits, telescope, flash... Read More

What you need to know on Rhesus Positive and Negative Blood Types

Knowing your blood type is important, especially if you have frequent blood transfusions or want to be pregnant. The ABO blood system labels blood types with the letters... Read More

Why Failure Is Good For Success

To achieve the greatest success, you have to embrace the prospect of failure (Pauline Esteem August 25, 2016) The sweetest victory is the one that's most difficult. The... Read More

You And The Computer

Introduction Today, the computer is one of the most commonly mentioned words in our society. More common than its mention however is its usage. To pay after shopping in... Read More

Your Time, Your Life

Seconds make minutes as minute make hours, Hours make days as days make life. Life is time. How well you utilize your time from day to day determine how successful... Read More