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About Al-Medinah International College

All praises and adorations is due to almighty Allah, the one who taught by the pen, he taught man what he knew not, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the noble soul of our dear prophet, the best of Allah's creations who he (Subhanahu wata'lah) attributed to be of the most adorable character, peace and benedictions of Allah be upon him, his household, companion and those that thread his path and follow his methodology till the end of time.


The need for quality and standard education should never be jeopardized. Knowledge is quite as important as life itself. Without knowledge, the life of an individual would definitely be below standard. Knowledge in whatsoever form is a paramount value.


The teachings of Islam lay much emphasis as per the importance attached to knowledge so as much our ever magnificent God attributed the people of knowledge as those who have piety. In the life of viable Muslims, knowledge should be a hold high touch illuminating the path of faith, without some fundamental knowledge about one's religion the practice of that religion is a good as vanity.


Our efforts in being the custodian of this worthy legacy (education) is not only for these children to be achievers of material things in life but to be Godly in their affairs so that in the future we'll have God-fearing Lecturers, Engineers, Lawyers, Medical doctors, Nurses, Accountants etc.


Having observed the trend of progress in education and the challenges encountered by different group of learners, the new dawn is on his verge with the emergence of AL-MEDINAH INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE among her numerous counterparts, a great relief to learning bottlenecks. Behold! Academic and moral odds are over with the emergence of this noble college in the midst of others.


The college came into existence and has impacted greatly into learners with Contemporary teaching techniques and resources. The school is conducive and fascinating for teaching and learning activities with well trained, highly experienced and seasoned teachers to guide your children.


At Al-Medinah Int'l college, we explore all the available resources to drive out the goodness, efficiency and academic excellence that is obtainable in any part of the world.


Our Motto

Bridging the gap between knowledge and faith


Our Mission Statement

To revolutionize our community by illuminating an average citizen's children life through supportive, worthy and quality education; and to utilize all available resources to detect the potentials of youngsters for a promising future.


Our Vision

To be a world class academic institute reputed with academic excellence and building the national, cultural and behavioural acumen.


At Al-Medinah International College, we promise that academic standard with sound religious value will ever be our utmost priority.

Behold! The future of your children is well secured with us.

God Bless Al-Medinah International College…….

God Bless Nigeria…………

Make Hay While the Sunshine

The website of Al-Medinah International School will be launched soon. Watch out..........

Why we standout

Conventional Learning with Technological Advancement

Hybrid Curriculum Methodologies
and Skills

Phoenix, Arabic Reading
and Understanding

Well Ventilated and Standard Classrooms

Well Equipped Study Library

Up to date Science Laboratories

Skillful Recitation and Memorization

Moral Upbringing

Excellent Boarding Facilities

Available Classes


Contact Us

  • Osogbo Address
  • White Mosque, Iludun Area, Testing Ground,
    Osogbo, Osun State.

  • ~

  • Secondary
  • Iludun Area, Behind Nawairul-Islam School,
    via, Oke Baale, Osogbo, Osun State

  • Iwo Address
  • Testing Ground Area, Beside FRSC Building,
    Old Osogbo Express way, Iwo, Osun State.

  • Phone
  • +234 (0) 806 289 6625

  • Email